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“Wrong Side Of The Lens” Series Premiere

Published: September 12, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 September 19, 2023    07:00 PM-10:00 PM EDT

Address: 32 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003, United States

Phone: +1 212-505-5181

“Wrong Side Of The Lens” Series Premiere

The series will premiere on 09.19.2023 at the Anthology Theater in NYC. After, all the episodes will be available on this channel and site

Wrong Side Of The Lens is a documentary series exploring the lives of street photographers. Here, we get a rare chance to turn the camera on those not used to it and gain insight into why some are obsessed with taking images of complete strangers. They come from a variety of backgrounds yet are drawn to this same calling; street photo. This is a relatively new and, often misunderstood art form, which leaves ample room for these hard-working artists to push boundaries. This series captures many of these moments.

We spend time with both the current crop of progressive artists as well as their predecessors who helped lay its rich foundation. We see them roaming the streets looking for beautiful, funny, bizarre, and stunning moments. They talk about life as a creative and why their candid photos hold any cultural or personal value. They speak of the connections formed from these interactions, if any, and how the unavoidable threat of physical alterations keeps them light on their toes.

With the camera pointing back at the photographer, we see some squirm in the spotlight but most are surprised at how much they have to say about this otherwise solitary activity. They give us, the viewers, rare glimpses into what went into making some of their favorite images. They mostly agree that giving and withholding context to their work is a superpower to provoke imagination in the viewer but despite knowing this, still seem compelled to reveal at least a few of their magic tricks. We get to see their amazing bodies of work and the answer is left up to the viewer on which side of the lens they’re best suited for.

Photographers included

Jill Freedman, Daniel Arnold, Richard Sandler, Michelle Groskopf, Estevan Oriol, Ray “Hamburger Eyes” Potes, Matt Webber, Victor Llorente, Valerie J Bower, Julian Master, Sean Maung, Aaron Berger, Chris Voss, Jorge Garcia, Sebastian Siadecki, Mathias Wasik, Mark Beckenbach, and Josh Ethan Johnson.

JOSH ETHAN JOHNSON is the show creator. He’s an award-winning creative based out of NYC. Josh has been a street photographer since 1999. His work has been shown internationally and has been published with outlets such as A24, NY Times, Rizzoli Books, and Vice. In 2017, Josh was named “Top 12 Street Photographers In The World” by the Huffington Post. To make this extensive series, Josh has tapped into the photography community he’s entrenched in and began a conversation about what draws everyone into this, sometimes eccentric, art form. In addition to Wrong Side Of The Lens, Josh has also created an ongoing video series called FACES with over 26 short films, some of which have won awards in US film fests.

Time: 7:00-10:00 pm EDT



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