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Free courses in New York City

Free courses in New York City are very popular today. On our website, you can find a list of all courses that residents and guests of the metropolis can attend for free.

The subjects of the courses are the most diverse and can attract the attention of people who want not only to learn something new but also to expand their horizons. You can also attend courses to study Spanish or Chinese and even Russian. It is also a great way to meet new interesting people, find friends and interlocutors.

Courses are taught by experienced professionals who teach their material in an understandable and engaging way. The list is constantly updated with new events. People of all ages can enroll in courses.

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 until Dec 31, 2023  09:45 AM-11:00 AM EDT

Online meditation classes

Meditation, spirituality, and socialization Welcome to free guided ’Sahaja Yoga’ online meditation classes that help you achieve meditation benefits in quick and easy steps and discover its healing power. No prior experience is needed.

Published: December 22, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until Dec 30, 2023  11:00 AM-01:00 PM EDT

Free 7 Days Course “Read Better Faster”

Have the need for speed!?

Published: December 22, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa

June 6, 2023 (Tuesday)

 06:15 PM-07:05 PM EDT

Practice Public Speaking Free Online — Table Topics Tuesday

Join our weekly table topics sessions! Practice your public speaking by answering fun & entertaining questions in a supportive environment.

Published: March 25, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until Dec 26, 2023 (on Tue)  10:00 AM-11:00 AM EDT

Speed Reading Crash Course

The same speed-reading workshop has helped employees at NASA, Amazon, and Microsoft improve their reading. Read more books faster!

Published: December 17, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 03:30 PM-04:30 PM EDT  Building 92

Course “Business of Fashion”

Empower Children’s Futures with YTC’s Clothing Assistance Pilot Program! Join our Business of Fashion course and make a difference.

Published: June 2, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until July 14, 2023  02:00 PM-04:00 PM EDT  The Dream Center

Uptown Collective — Get It Write: Writing Foundations Course

Join The Uptown Collective at The Dream Center for a script writing course to learn the basics of character development and story structure

Published: May 27, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

June 7, 2023 (Wednesday)

 until Dec 27, 2023 (on Wed)  10:00 AM-11:00 AM EDT

Course “How to Improve Your Memory”

Looking to improve your memory and remember longer? Check out this memory course! Learn how to memorize information in practical ways!

Published: December 17, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until Jun 28, 2023 (on Wed)  01:00 PM-01:30 PM EDT

Breathwork Free Weekly Class

You are invited every Wednesday to experience the great benefits of the Joy of Breathing technique. Learn how to breathe naturally and thoroughly with this simple and effective method. Start your journey to more excellent health, vitality, peace, and joy!

Published: December 22, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until Dec 27, 2023 (on Wed)  07:00 PM-08:30 PM EDT

Real Estate Investing Courses

Join local seasoned Real Estate Investors as we introduce how to create multiple paths to creating more wealth through Real Estate Investing

Published: April 22, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

June 8, 2023 (Thursday)

 until Jun 29, 2023 (on Thu)  06:00 PM-09:00 PM EDT  Time Out Market New York

Salsa Thursdays

Get your salsa on for free every Thursday from 6-9 pm on the fifth floor of the Time Out Market.

Published: March 31, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

June 9, 2023 (Friday)

 until Dec 29, 2023 (on Fri)  06:00 PM-07:30 PM EDT

Free Acting Class

Learn to act while overcoming stage fright. Meet people from across the nation and participate in improvisation, monologue and scene study.

Published: March 25, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa
 until Jul 07, 2023 (on Fri)  06:00 PM-07:00 PM EDT

Free Introductory Creative & Performing Arts Class

A fun and informal introductory session of our classes, events, and offerings.

Published: March 25, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

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