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“You Are The Lab Rat” Fashion Exhibition

Published: May 17, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 May 27, 2023 until Jun 03, 2023   11:00 AM-08:00 PM EDT
“You Are The Lab Rat” Fashion Exhibition

Inspired by Callum Morton’s Sculptural work, the Eastlink Hotel (2007), and the movie “The Menu” (2020), For the upcoming Fashion Exhibition, we are opening the first ‘fine dining’ experience. Instead of serving food, New York’s finest fashion will be showcased throughout the exhibit for an entire week.

For this exhibition, we are transforming the pristine and empty gallery space into a place bursting with contrary events. It is a satire on modernist dreams of ideological and domestic perfection. Gallery space will be presented as one big dining area featured with creative artists and designers in their unique way of storytelling and immersive installations.

Location: 38 Little W 12th St New York, NY 10013 United States

Time: 11:00 am-8:00 pm EDT



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