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Webinar “Best Practices to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment and Solutions Implementation”

Published: October 3, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 October 11, 2022    01:00 PM-01:40 PM EDT
Webinar “Best Practices to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment and Solutions Implementation”


Learn to secure information about the security weaknesses in your environment and help your team learn to remediate or mitigate the issues before they can be exploited. Gain a better understanding of your IT infrastructure, security flaws, and overall risk to reduce the likelihood of a cybercriminal securing unauthorized access to your organization’s data.

Join our free 40-minute live webinar: “Best Practices to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment and Solutions Implementation” and provide your teams with the skills to proactively defend your organization’s security stance. This CompTIA-certified instructor-led immersive live webinar will help you understand the importance of threat data and intelligence. Your team will also learn to perform vulnerability management activities, implement controls to mitigate attacks and software vulnerabilities, and much more. The webinar also helps professionals demonstrate their knowledge of common vulnerability assessment tools and keeps them abreast with emerging technologies.

NetCom Learning, a Gold-level training partner with CompTIA, has a comprehensive portfolio of certifications that meet your organization’s learning goals. All of our CompTIA courses are designed to hone the hands-on skills of IT professionals and validate them as experts in their fields.


  • Importance of threat data and intelligence
  • Introduction to vulnerability management activities
  • Common vulnerability assessment tools
  • Implementation of security measures
  • Q&A

Time: 1 pm — 1:40 pm EST



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