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Webinar “How AI Transforms Enterprises: Trends and Case Studies”

Published: July 8, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 July 17, 2024    02:00 PM-03:00 PM EDT
Webinar “How AI Transforms Enterprises: Trends and Case Studies”

Join us for an eye-opening webinar on the transformative power of AI in enterprises! Explore the latest trends and real-world case studies with Dmytro Voitekh, CTO at S-PRO.

Dive into fascinating statistics revealing AI’s impact: from a projected 39% annual growth rate in AI adoption to a total AI market value of $903 billion by 2030. Discover how AI optimizes operations, boosts productivity, and enhances customer experiences. With over 80% of executives believing AI is a strategic priority, this webinar is your gateway to staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Main Topics for Discussion:

  • How AI contributes to modern business practices. I am exploring AI feasibility and its potential in real use cases.
  • Guidance in AI and data consultancy for today’s data-driven world.
  • Approaches to successful data architecture and management.
  • Advanced AI & ML applications for enhancing business efficiency.
  • The role of business intelligence and reporting in the AI-driven era.

Speaker: Dmytro Voitekh — Chief Technology Officer

Meet Dmytro Voitekh, a passionate advocate for AI and ML with over 10 years of experience in data science and engineering. As CTO at S-PRO, Dmytro leads the team to deliver AI feasibility studies, data consultancy, data architecture, management, and advanced AI & ML solutions. Join him for invaluable insights at our webinar!

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm EST



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