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Webinar “Emotional Resilience”

Published: September 18, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 October 6, 2023    03:30 AM-04:30 AM EDT
Webinar “Emotional Resilience”

We are pleased to offer you this one-off event on emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is a mindset that enables people to more effectively adjust themselves to, or overcome, difficult circumstances and problems.

Emotional resilience is a mindset that is composed of six parts:

  • Thought control
  • Positive Beliefs
  • Strong self — concept
  • Rational evaluations
  • High Energy
  • Specialized Knowledge

This presentation will be delivered by an experienced trainer via Microsoft Teams.

A joining link will be sent out one hour before the start of the webinar.

Time: 03:30 — 04:30 am EST



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