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Domino Park Rotating Fitness Program ’23

Published: June 21, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 September 30, 2023 until Sep 30, 2023 (on Sat)   10:00 AM-11:00 AM EDT

Address: 15 River Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Phone: +1 212-484-2700

Domino Park Rotating Fitness Program ’23

Domino Park is offering free fitness classes every Saturday in the park! Use this as a chance to sample local fitness studios, try out something new, or come weekly for the whole series.

This season, we’ve focused on increasing the diversity of our fitness offerings to make sure there’s something for everyone, regardless of your experience or exercise style. All classes are inclusive and open to all ages and sizes.


  • June 3: “Bey vs. Riri” by 305 Fitness
  • June 10: “Pilates for All” by Mind Over Mat Pilates Club
  • June 17: “The Good Move Signature” by Good Move
  • June 24: “Pride” by 305 Fitness
  • July 1: “Yoga for Newbies” by The Corner Yoga Studio
  • July 8: “Qigong” by Afam Consulting Group
  • July 15: “The Good Move Signature” by Good Move
  • July 22: “Summer Jams” by 305 Fitness
  • July 29: “Mobility Practice” by Fit Club NY
  • Aug 5: “Power Flow for All Levels” by The Corner Yoga Studio
  • Aug 12: “Boxing Basics” by Kings Combat Williamsburg
  • Aug 19: “Strength Conditioning” by Fit Club NY
  • Aug 26: “The Good Move Signature” by Good Move
  • Sept 2: “The 50/50: Vin + Yin” by The Corner Yoga Studio
  • Sept 9: “Latin/Caribbean Caliente” by 305 Fitness
  • Sept 16: “Pilates for All” by Mind Over Mat Pilates Club
  • Sept 23: “The Good Move Signature” by Good Move
  • Sept 30: “80s vs 90s” by 305 Fitness


  • 305 Fitness
  • Afam Consulting Group
  • Fit Club NY
  • Good Move
  • Kings Combat Williamsburg
  • Mind Over Mat
  • The Corner Yoga

Class Descriptions

“Bey vs RiRi” (305 Fitness)

Instructor: TBD

Oh na na, who runs the world?! Slap on some Fenty and assemble your single ladies, cuz this class will be full of hit after hit that’ll have you feeling like you’re on stage at the Halftime show. 45 mins of beat-dropping, booty-shaking dance cardio, silent-disco style!

“Pilates for All” (Mind Over Mat)

Instructor: Salma Sabry

The Mind over Mat Pilates Club, founded by Salma Sabry, gathers movement enthusiasts for a free hour of Pilates each week in the most beautiful corners of NYC. True to Pilates principles, the classes emphasize core strengthening, correct breathing, endurance building, and increased flexibility, always with an obsessive focus on “proud posture”.

“The Good Move Signature” (Good Move)

Instructors: Jules Bakshi (Jun 17), Julius Elegido (Jul 15), Ladarius Lee (Aug 26), Gabi Cortez (Sep 23)

Our namesake class, The Good Move was created to give you a taste of our favorite movement medicines all in one dose. Give your body and soul a boost with the seamless integration of HIIT intervals, dance cardio, core conditioning, expressive movement, and stretch. No chores, no pressure — just a whole lot of expanding, stress-relieving, sweat-inducing fun. No dance experience is necessary!

“Pride” (305 Fitness)

Instructor: TBD

It’s time to strut for the ages and sissy that walk! We’re celebrating icons from the LGBTQIA+ community with songs and artists that get the gworls running to the dance floor. From Madonna to Kim Petras, Big Freedia to Sam Smith, we’re partying in honor of pride! 45 mins of beat-dropping, booty-shaking dance cardio, silent-disco style!

“Yoga for Newbies” (The Corner Yoga Studio)

Instructor: Rebecca Ambrose

New to Yoga? Whether you have taken a class or two before, or you have always been curious but have never tried — this class is for you — come get your yoga journey started! Playful pose sequencing, clear alignment cues, and a chance to get to know your body & breath a little better. Stretch, sweat, and learn why yoga is such a powerful addition to your routine. Absolutely ALL are welcome.

“Qigong” (Afam Consulting Group)

Instructor: Darryl Aiken-Afam

This Meridian Cleansing Qigong class will give you the basics of this ancient Chinese 12-part healing art form. You will learn the foundational movement and breathing patterns of the form, as well as the basics of Chinese medicine & Taoist philosophical concepts that go hand in hand with the practice of Qigong. It’s easy to learn, enjoyable to do and has no prerequisites. Decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure, heightening your self-awareness, and general improvement of overall health are some of the many benefits of learning and practicing Qigong. Come as you, wear loose comfortable clothing, and enjoy yourself!

“Summer Jams” (305 Fitness)

Instructor: TBD

This class is the ultimate serotonin boost! All your favorite summer hits across the years, all in one place. These are the songs that make you feel like rolling the windows down and turning the radio up! 45 mins of beat-dropping, booty-shaking dance cardio, silent-disco style!

“Mobility Practice” (Fit Club NY)

Instructor: Dr. Kellen Scantlebury DPT, CSCS

This class is designed to cater to individuals of all levels who are looking to enhance their mobility & flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or have prior experience, this class will provide you with valuable techniques & exercises to unlock your full range of motion. You’ll learn innovative ways to explore your body’s capabilities and improve overall flexibility. Our knowledgeable physical therapist will guide you through various exercises and movements that can be incorporated into your daily routine, ensuring continued progress in mobility throughout your lifespan.

“Power Flow for All Levels” (The Corner Yoga Studio)

Instructor: Rebecca Ambrose

Let’s flow! Creative, fast-paced sequencing — work on balance, endurance, focus, and so much more. This fun, flowing class will get your heart rate up, but also take moments to pause and tune in. This class will invite you to challenge yourself, but it is very much the philosophy of The Corner Yoga Studio to take what you need and leave the rest. Open to all ready to sweat it out.

“Boxing” (Kings Combat Williamsburg)

Instructor: TBD

Learn how to jab, cross, hook, and uppercut with Kings Combat Williamsburg coaches. After a light warmup and instruction in proper boxer stance & movement, you’ll learn basic punches and punch combinations. Comfortable gym attire is all that’s needed; boxing gloves & hand wraps will be provided.

“Strength Conditioning” (Fit Club NY)

Instructor: TBD

Get ready to unleash your inner fitness beast with this dynamic strength-building class! Led by a knowledgeable Doctor of Physical Therapy, this class offers expert guidance to ensure safe & effective training techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, you will benefit from a challenging & enjoyable workout that pushes your limits. You’ll not only enhance your performance today but also lay the foundation for a strong & powerful body for life. Open to all fitness levels, aiming to help you develop entire body-wide strength & power.

“The 50/50: Vin + Yin” (The Corner Yoga Studio)

Instructor: Rebecca Ambrose

All levels of Vinyasa Flow Yoga combined with Yin Yoga. Get your Vin in (move, stretch, wiggle, flow), AND leave time to go deeper. Explore poses you may not have seen before, slow down, and give your body time to ease into itself. Create more space through surrender & therapeutic techniques. Yin Yoga is passive but challenging — benefits include increased focus, reduced stress & anxiety, opening connective tissue & fascia of the body to add circulation, and better flexibility & mobility.

“Latin/Caribbean Caliente” (305 Fitness)

Instructor: TBD

It’s coming in Caliente! Feel like you’re on the sunny shores of Miami or in the vibrant streets of Puerto Rico with this mix of Latin and Caribbean tunes. Did somebody say Fuego? Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Bad Bunny, Karol G, and more. 45 minutes of beat-dropping, booty-shaking dance cardio, silent-disco style!

“80s vs 90s” (305 Fitness)

Instructor: TBD

Are you a Material Girl or a Barbie Girl? More of a Prince or a Backstreet Boy? Two of music’s best decades combine in this fierce class. From *NSYNC & Spice Girls to Madonna & Salt-n-Pepa, you’ll be belting out every word. Butterfly clips and chokers are encouraged! 45 minutes of beat-dropping, booty-shaking dance cardio, silent-disco style! All ages are welcome, come to represent your favorite decade.

Time: 10:00-11:00 am EDT



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