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2023 Wellness Wednesdays

Published: May 3, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 May 10, 2023 until Oct 25, 2023 (on Wed)   05:30 PM-06:30 PM EST

Address: 50 Church Street, New York, NY 10006, United States

2023 Wellness Wednesdays

Sponsored by Lifeway Foods, Wellness Wednesdays: Sputnik Yoga will offer a variety of free yoga & fitness classes to make wellness and mindfulness more accessible to all.

Lifeway kefir is a probiotic dairy beverage. It balances a healthy gut microbiome, which may help maintain and increase serotonin levels — the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

By engaging in the practice of yoga, and nourishing the body with kefir, an ancient probiotic superfood, this unique collaboration is a great way to strengthen the mind-gut connection.

Classes will be on select Wednesdays between May 3 — October 25, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm on North Oculus Plaza.

Bring your own yoga mat or blanket.

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For directions to Oculus Plaza, click here


Class Descriptions/Dates:

Sputnik Flow: An invigorating and accessible vinyasa yoga experience suitable for all levels. Confirmed Dates: May 3, May 10, June 7, July 19, August 16, August 23, September 6, September 27, October 25

HIIT And Flow: A dynamic, all-in-one fitness class that combines cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises that creates a full-body workout. Confirmed Dates: May 24, June 14, July 12, October 11

Dance Flow: A mindful movement dance class that blends the elegance of ballet, the energy of jazz, and the fluidity of contemporary dance to create a truly captivating experience for all levels.Confirmed Dates: May 17, August 9

Guest Studios/Instructors: Partnerships with the local wellness community will bring an array of yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and other movement modalities through guest-hosted classes. Dates to be confirmed: October 4, and October 18. Keep an eye on our website for class announcements and more information!

  • Pure Barre Classic — A series of low-impact, high-intensity isometric movements designed to improve your flexibility while strengthening and toning your body. Confirmed Date: May 31
  • MODO YOGA / MODO Flow — A vinyasa-based class where the postures are linked with breath to create a fluid, beautiful and meditative practice that increases flexibility, and strengthens and tones the muscles while challenging the cardiovascular system. Confirmed Date: June 28
  • IronStrength Body: Yoga and Pilates on the Mat — Join HSS sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzl and IronStrength for a combination yoga and pilates class to improve strength and flexibility through movement. Confirmed Date: July 26
  • DanceBody / Dance & Sculpt — Experience dance-inspired cardio and sculpt intervals set to the best music out there. No equipment is necessary. Sneakers required. Confirmed Date: August 2
  • Dance Church ® - An all-levels movement class that offers a fun and inclusive approach to dancing. Designed for people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, and identities, Dance Church is a communal space for people who want to move their bodies. Confirmed Date: August 30
  • Trauma Informed Yoga with Exhale to Inhale — Exhale to Inhale is a non-profit that empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives through the healing power of trauma-informed yoga. Their methodology allows time to check in with your stress levels, connect with your body, and make movement-based choices. Confirmed Date: September 20

Time: 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM EDT



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