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In-Person Free Robotics Workshop For Kids (7-14 Yrs)

Published: June 8, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 June 16, 2024    11:00 AM-05:30 PM EDT

Adria Hotel & Conference Center

Address: 221-17 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY 11361, United States

In-Person Free Robotics Workshop For Kids (7-14 Yrs)

Parents, Moonpreneur extends a warm invitation to you and your child for our upcoming free in-person robotics workshop at Bayside, NY on Sunday, June 16th, at 11:00 AM EST.

Following the tremendous success of our prior event and the overwhelming response from parents, Moonpreneur is delighted to announce that we are once again hosting this workshop. We aim to introduce children aged 7-14 to the world of robotics in a hands-on, engaging manner, ensuring a fun-filled educational experience.

Note: Please bring a laptop for the workshop

Check in and get ready for the workshop (15 MINS)

The meetup starts with a warm welcome and check-in process, followed by the assignment of a workshop room.

For children (1 hour, 15 mins)

Note: Please bring a laptop for the workshop

  • We’ll kick off by assigning your child a seat.
  • Then 60-min session will start where your child will -
  • introduction to robotics and coding
  • perform hands-on exercises on robotics
  • experience our teaching methodology
  • participate in quizzes and fun activities
  • Meet other like-minded students in the workshop

For parents (1 hour, 15 mins)

You will get the opportunity to:

  • Experience the moment as you meet our young students
  • Meet the heart and soul behind Moonpreneur, our CEO, and team
  • Gain insights into Moopreneur’s offerings with a detailed overview of the program
  • Network with other parents and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

Multiple time slots are available as per age group:

Group 1 (7-8 Years)

  • Meetup-2 — 12:45 PM (7-8 Years)

Group 2 (9-10 Years)

  • Meetup-1 — 11:00 AM (9-10 Years)
  • Meetup-3 — 02:30 PM (9-10 Years)

Group 3 (11-12 Years)

  • Meetup-4- 04:15 PM (11-12 Years)

Group 4 (13-14 Years)

  • Meetup-5- 04:15 PM (13-14 Years)

Workshop Duration: 1:15 Hrs

Click here to read more about Moonpreneur’s in-person workshop.

For further details feel free to call +1 (855) 550-0571

Time: 11:00 am — 5:30 pm EST



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