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The Ethical Slut Book Club

Published: February 10, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 February 26, 2024 until Mar 18, 2024 (on Mon)   07:00 PM-08:00 PM EST

Address: 45 Irving Avenue, #Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

The Ethical Slut Book Club

Dive into the fascinating world of alternative relationship styles with The Ethical Slut Book Club! This engaging book club invites curious neighbors to explore ethical non-monogamy’s “sacred text.” Whether you’re a seasoned polyamorist or simply intrigued by unconventional love, this is the place to be.

What’s on the Reading List? We’ll be delving into the pages of “The Ethical Slut,” a thought-provoking book that challenges societal norms and celebrates consensual, open relationships. Expect lively discussions, diverse perspectives, and a safe space to share your thoughts.

Why Attend?

Community Connection: Meet like-minded individuals who appreciate the complexities of love, intimacy, and ethical choices.

Intellectual Exploration: Engage in stimulating conversations about love, boundaries, and personal growth.

Expand Your Mind: Whether you’re a seasoned polyamorist or a curious monogamist, this book club offers fresh insights.

Join us at Nook for an evening of enlightenment, camaraderie, and open-hearted dialogue. Let’s celebrate love in all its beautiful forms!

Time: 7:00 pm EST



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