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Book Launch Party “Speak To Me: A Caribbean Voice”

Published: November 30, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 December 10, 2022 until Dec 11, 2022   09:00 PM EST

Address: 704 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States

Book Launch Party “Speak To Me: A Caribbean Voice”

“Hello everyone! Welcome to my first book signing event for my poetry book ‘Speak To Me: A Caribbean Voice’

I am very humbled that with the support and encouragement from friends and family I was able to launch my book last year. I decided to have an in-person book event so you can meet the author of the book.

My book is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle for sale for $10.

Note: This is an invited Guests Only event! No children are allowed unless they are 21 and over!!! No exceptions!!!

Attire: All-Black affair with a Touch of Gold. It will be a Roaring 30s/ Harlem Renaissance theme. Mandatory Attire for my event! NO Exceptions!!!

Ladies: Classy wear. No sandals, no Sneakers, no flip Flops, no construction boots. Flats or heels are acceptable! Wear comfy shoes. Bling accessories

Men: Classy wear! No t-shirts, no boots, no flip Flops, no Sneakers. no sandals.

Please wear comfy shoes

There will be refreshments available for the guests.

Note: All guests are responsible for any items (Food or beverages purchased at the event). No one will be paying for anyone’s purchase unless they choose to. You must have enough money for your purchase!!

appreciate your support everyone

Thank you See less”

Time: 9:00 PM — 12:00 AM EST



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