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Lecture “New Jersey Shipwrecks”

Published: June 7, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 June 18, 2024    07:00 PM-08:00 PM EDT

Woodbridge Main Library

Address: 1 George Frederick Plaza, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095, United States

Lecture “New Jersey Shipwrecks”

This presentation covers nearly 300 years of shipwreck activity in New Jersey waters including both World Wars. Daniel Lieb will cover not only popularly explored wrecks off the New Jersey Coast, but also wrecks his organization, the New Jersey Historical Divers Association, Inc., has explored and identified, shedding light on what’s hidden beneath the waves.

Dan Lieb has been employed at Divers Two since 2014. Certified as a PADI SCUBA Diver at age 17 in 1974, Dan has over 2,250 scuba dives from Canada to the Caribbean. He holds a PADI DIVERMASTER certification. He is president of the New Jersey Historical Divers Association, Inc. (NJHDA). A trained technical illustrator, he has worked on 30 archaeological expeditions recording shipwrecks. Dan has identified 14 shipwrecks off New Jersey and lectures extensively on shipwreck history. He ran a mapping expedition for NOAA in 2014 to record the remains of the Coast Survey steamer “Robert J. Walker.” He has written and illustrated numerous articles on New Jersey shipwrecks including Wreck Diving and Skin Diver magazines, and several books on New Jersey wreck diving. Dan appeared on the History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives” featuring the sunken locomotives off Long Branch. He is also the director and curator of the New Jersey Shipwreck Museum at InfoAge in Wall, New Jersey, and a member of the Explorers Club.

Registration is required! Please register on the page or call 732-634-4450.

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm EST



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