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Seminar “Real Estate Matter: How Can I Avoid Capital Gains Tax?”

Published: May 26, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 May 30, 2023    06:00 PM-08:00 PM EDT


Address: 375 Schermerhorn, Street Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 917-924-3575


Seminar “Real Estate Matter: How Can I Avoid Capital Gains Tax?”

In this seminar, we will provide an overview of the home-buying process, from finding a property to closing on a contract. As well as the selling process from listing to closing to make you feel confident and at ease in your investment. We will also share best practices in 1031 Exchanges. Because owning a property entails paying taxes, and it’s costly. However, there is a way to avoid paying capital gains taxes. Our expert will discuss an overview of 1031 exchanges: the Delayed Exchange and Reverse Exchange, as well as opportunity zones—two crucial tools for avoiding capital gains and maximizing your investments. Also, their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. In addition, we will be sharing tips on how to maximize your returns from these investments and how to avoid common pitfalls with these strategies.

Time: 6:00 — 8:00 pm EDT



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