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Monday Matinee: “12 Years a Slave” (2013)

Published: February 8, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 February 12, 2024    12:00 PM-02:15 PM EST

Address: 150 West 100th Street New York, NY 10025

Phone: +1 212-222-8030

Monday Matinee: “12 Years a Slave” (2013)

12 Years a Slave is a powerful and moving film that tells the true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the pre-Civil War United States. The film depicts the brutal realities of slavery, the cruelty of the slave owners, and the resilience of the human spirit. The film is directed by Steve McQueen, who won the Academy Award for Best Picture and features an outstanding cast, including Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon, Michael Fassbender as the sadistic Edwin Epps, Lupita Nyong’o as the abused Patsey, and Brad Pitt as the sympathetic abolitionist Bass. The film is based on the 1853 memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup, which is considered one of the most authentic accounts of slavery in American history. The film is praised for its realistic and unflinching portrayal of the horrors of slavery, as well as its artistic and technical achievements. The film has been widely recognized as one of the best films of the 2010s and of all time and has received numerous awards and accolades, including nine Oscar nominations and three wins. 12 Years a Slave is a film that challenges the viewer to confront the past and the present and to reflect on the meaning of freedom, dignity, and humanity.

Time: 12:00-2:00 pm EST


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