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Exhibition “Alterra Echoing”

Published: June 25, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 July 13, 2024    04:00 PM-07:00 PM EDT
Exhibition “Alterra Echoing”

Journey into a space where the echoes of transformative power shape reality. “Alterra Echoing” is more than an exhibit; it is a sanctuary where art and identity converge, and hope emerges from despair.

As an artist, I have discovered my true calling in storytelling, from embodying characters in my creations to guiding others through the transformation of their own stories.

In Alterra Echoing, each character selected is a beacon of resilience and the mastery of personal power. We invite you to step into Alterra, a place where reinvention is an open invitation for all.

When you enter, you transcend the role of visitor to become an essential part of a grand narrative—your own.

Curated by the Black Lotus Holistic Health Collective

About Baron Wright (aka Baron Artist)

Baron Artist is a transformative creator whose work bridges the realms of imagination and reality. Rooted in the core values of creativity, wonder, authenticity, and excellence, Baron’s artistic journey has been one of constant evolution and reinvention. Known for his ability to craft compelling characters and immersive worlds, Baron uses art as a tool for personal and communal transformation.

Throughout their diverse career, Baron has delved into various creative endeavors, each project a testament to his unique ability to embody and reinterpret stories. His latest installation, “Alterra Echoing,” is a culmination of this journey, inviting participants to explore a world where art meets identity and personal power is reclaimed.

In “Alterra Echoing,” Baron Artist creates a sanctuary of transformation, allowing visitors to engage deeply with their narratives through the lens of the fantastical characters of Alterra. By offering a space where despair meets hope and creativity sparks introspection, Baron continues to inspire others to find strength and purpose through the art of storytelling.

About Black Lotus Holistic Health Collective

The Black Lotus is a space designed for BIPOC healers/practitioners to be centered on healing for them to heal those in the BIPOC community.

Location: 206 Lincoln Drive Philadelphia, PA 19144, United States

Time: 4:00-7:00 pm EST



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