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Opening Reception for “This Is Not A Drill” Exhibition

Published: September 12, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 September 20, 2023    05:00 PM-07:00 PM EDT

Address: 70 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012 United States

Phone: +1 212-998-2500

Opening Reception for “This Is Not A Drill” Exhibition

Opening Reception for 2023 *This Is Not A Drill* Exhibition on Technology, Equity, and the Climate Emergency @NYU Libraries, New York City

This event celebrates the work of 2023 *This Is Not A Drill* artist cohort: twelve fellows—faculty artists, student artists, and community artists—whose work critically and creatively explores how the climate emergency is related to both the growing significance of technology in our everyday life and the exacerbation of social inequality.

The year 2023 has brought devastating wildfires, record-breaking heatwaves, and catastrophic floods. These are now felt by everybody, not just the most vulnerable populations who have long been impacted by the climate emergency. Often, we call technology and innovation to the rescue. But in what ways is the rise of technology entangled with the rise of inequality and climate harm?

As we begin to grapple with this question, we are reckoning with the fact that common ways of understanding the climate emergency keep leading to failure. We are in need of establishing new and more equitable ways of knowing what the issues are, where they come from, and how they can be addressed. The *This Is Not A Drill* program is premised on the understanding that art and creative practice are central to this effort.

The *This Is Not A Drill* exhibition is part of the *This Is Not A Drill* program at New York University which is a project of the Future Imagination Fund. It fosters creative and critical thinking around the intractable social problems that are entangled with the rise of technology and the climate emergency.

The opening reception will feature brief remarks after which the artists will present their works while refreshments are served.


  • Amanda Belantara
  • David Brooks
  • Sharon Lee De La Cruz
  • Andrea Haenggi
  • Briana Jones and Lily Yu
  • Mary Mark Markhvida and Dror Margalit
  • Benedetta Piantella
  • Yeseul Song
  • Ana Anu Wyssmann
  • Jake Zaslav and Cate Byrne

Program Sponsor: Future Imagination Fund at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Event Supporters: NYU Libraries, Ford Foundation

NYU Libraries is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. If you have an accommodations request, please email [email protected]. Additionally, masks are always welcome on NYU’s campuses and facilities.

Image description: an orange-tinted image of people standing on a rock formation overlooking a city. The words: *This Is Not A Drill* are printed on top of the image.

Location: 8th Floor North Reading Room | 8th Floor

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm EDT



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