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Labor Comfort & Birth Partner Support Course

Published: January 27, 2024; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 February 12, 2024    05:30 PM-07:30 PM EST

Address: 259 Bristol Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212, United States

Labor Comfort & Birth Partner Support Course

In this two-hour course, participants will learn expert techniques to manage contractions, and pain throughout the labor process.

From early labor at home to the final pushes at the hospital, participants will learn:

  • Breathing patterns, focal points, and body positioning techniques.
  • Pain management and comfort tools, including acupressure, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy.
  • Inspirational mantras to help manage pain, increase focus, and gain encouragement.
  • Birth partners will learn how to support moms with love during labor with patience, eye contact, nonverbal cues, and when to change routines.
  • Each participant will receive printable birth partner support and a labor comfort checklist.

For more information and to request an accommodation, email [email protected].

Instructor Bio:

Kayann Stephens is a licensed registered nurse, who has worked with the top OB and midwife practices throughout the tri-state. She brings her expertise in pregnancy and childbirth to the Family Wellness Suites.

Event Sponsor:

NYC DOHMH Family Wellness Suite: A safe, welcoming, and supportive space for women and their families to connect to community resources and city agency services for support. Visitors can get help avoiding eviction, enrolling in health insurance, and finding a job.

The Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center hosts a variety of programs and activities focused on the health and wellness of Brownsville residents. Our clinical partners also offer primary care services. The Action Center is part of the City’s effort to promote health equity and reduce health disparities in the neighborhood.

Time: 5:30 pm-7:30 pm



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