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Runwithalli Wednesday Night Track Class

Published: January 26, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 February 1, 2023 until Mar 24, 2023 (on Wed)   07:00 PM-07:45 PM EDT

Address: 769 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Phone: +1 212-639-9675

Runwithalli Wednesday Night Track Class

Class is a 45-minute group fitness experience that includes a warm-up, dynamic stretching, and running drills, followed by a speed workout. We close each class with core work for a well-rounded, full-body effort. With Track Class, athletes will touch quick paces in a structured, guided way and learn how to do the kind of speed work to help supplement their everyday running.

Time: 7:00 PM — 7:45 PM EST



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