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Dry Humping Book Launch

Published: September 14, 2023; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 September 20, 2023    06:30 PM-07:30 PM EDT
Dry Humping Book Launch

Join us for a fun evening at Contact Sports with author Tawny Lara, The Sober Sexpert, to celebrate the launch of her new book, DRY HUMPING: A Guide to Dating, Relating, and Hooking Up Without the Booze, with author Ruby Warrington!

About the Book:

A lighthearted, cheeky, and judgment-free handbook from sober sexpert Tawny Lara on how to have better sex, better dates, and better partnerships—without relying on alcohol!

When you’re intimidated or overwhelmed, it’s easy to turn to alcohol to feel more relaxed and outgoing. But what if you want to cut back or cut out alcohol from your life? What do you do on dates? How do you soothe worries and hang-ups? And how the heck do you get up the nerve to be naked with someone new?

In Dry Humping, you will learn how to have better dates, sex, and partnerships with tools like:

  • Booze-free date ideas
  • Scripts for awkward conversations
  • Interviews with experts
  • Thought-provoking prompts
  • Perspectives from a diverse range of regular people
  • And more!

You don’t need alcohol to have a fun, carefree, fulfilling dating life. Dry Humping offers you the tools to step away from alcohol, for however long you want to, while also having more fun in and out of the bedroom.

Location: Contact Sports, 43 Mercer Street, New York, NY, USA

Time: 6:30 pm



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