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The Famous Village Idiot Show

Published: August 22, 2022; Author: Julia Sonrisa

 October 12, 2022 until Dec 28, 2022 (on Wed)   07:30 PM-09:30 PM EDT

Address: 196 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003, United States

Phone: +1 212-228-7464


The Famous Village Idiot Show

The Village Idiot Comedy Show is the best kept secret in NYC. A free weekly stand-up comedy show in an underground, Irish Pub. Reserve fast.

Welcome to the best kept secret in NYC!A Weekly Comedy Club Experience in a NYC bar!

The Village Idiot Comedy Show Presents to you every Wednesday night the best comedians in NYC from HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and Late Night performing in an unassuming, underground, Irish Pub.

It feels like a comedy club, looks like a comedy club, has comedy club comedians, but without a giant cover charge. Stand-up and head over to the best Wednesday night out in the East Village.

Please REGISTER here in the Eventbrite. Due to the popularity of the show, there are only about 20 spaces available per show and they go FAST.

So far this year we have featured:

  • Cipha Sounds
  • Caitlin Peluffo
  • Danny Polishchuk
  • Kerryn Feehan
  • Katie Hannigan
  • Harrison Greenbaum
  • Ronnie Lordi
  • Josh Adam Myers
  • Chloe La Branche
  • Brendan Sagalow
  • Mike Feeney
  • Jamie Wolf
  • Stewart Fullerton
  • Pat Burtscher
  • Shane Torress
  • Colum Tyrrell
  • Jordan Jensen
  • Pranav Behari
  • Daniel Simonsen
  • Chris Scopo
  • Mike Rowland
  • Alex Pavone
  • Gabby Bryan
  • Sean Donnelly
  • JJ Liberman
  • Dan Lamorte
  • Maddie Weiner
  • Ian Fidance
  • Usama Siddiqquee
  • Chloe La Branche
  • Derek Humphrey
  • Neel Nanda
  • Ian Lara
  • Jeffrey Scheen
  • Jason Choi
  • Kevin Hurley
  • Raanan Hershberg
  • Moe Yaqub
  • Greg Stone
  • Natalie Cuomo
  • Corrinne Fisher
  • Adrienne Iapalucci
  • Dylan Palladino
  • Sam Evans
  • Jared Freid
  • Gary Vider
  • Mae Planert
  • Casey Balsham
  • Eagle Witt
  • Jacob Williams
  • Peter Revello
  • Phil Duckett
  • Amy Cardinale
  • H. Foley
  • Kevin Ryan
  • Alex English
  • Sarah Tollemache
  • Mark Normand
  • Jessica Kirson
  • Dave Temple
  • Toby McMullen
  • Kosha Dillz
  • Steven Rogers

Time: 7:30 PM — 9:30 PM EDT



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